Andrés Neuman: Traveller of the Century

Cover of Traveller of the Century with silhouette of town

Traveller of the Century

By no stretch of the imagination can I claim that Traveller of the Century has been lurking unread on the (admittedly over populated) landing bookshelves, therefore I will not attempt to justify reading what is patently a NEW book. My only defence is that the nice people at Pushkin Press offered me a copy and it seemed impolite to refuse the kind offer. (How does that sound?). In fairness, I do not think I ever claimed that I was never going to read a new book while perusing the backlog (and indeed have already allowed exceptions for library loans).

Next week I will be posting up a Q and A session with Andrés Neuman, the South American author of Traveller of the Century (recently published in translation by Pushkin Press). The publishers are arranging a series of email interviews between Neuman and literary bloggers.

My slot is to be next Wednesday 25th April so I shall be posting up the eight questions that I submitted to the author and his responses to them. I will also put together a piece about the novel for visitors to The Landing to read. It is the first time that I have ever had the opportunity to ask questions of a writer, so I was apprehensive about having a go.

portrait of Andres Neuman

Andres Neuman

Pop back on Wednesday to see the results. Meanwhile, it is back to reading Traveller of the Century and making notes..


2 comments on “Andrés Neuman: Traveller of the Century

  1. laspeedwing says:

    That should be an interesting experience both for you and for the writer. Might come back to your blog to read those Q&A. BTW, did you know tonight is the World Book Night?


    • Chris Mills says:

      Yes, our bookshop was involved with giving away books for World Book Night. I think a lot of people were surprised to be getting free books! I hope it encourages a few new readers. Thanks for reading blog.


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