Arts and Events

Easter Egg Hunting...

Easter Egg Hunting…

This section is made up of a collection of pieces about cultural events of various sorts and arts news from in and around Ireland and beyond….

Some of the articles  have been published elsewhere over the last couple of years or so and some will have been written with this slot in mind.

Anything previously published will be credited and anything published on line will have a link to the site it was first seen on so you can click over and take a look around if you like. The site for which I have written most of my arts/events pieces since 2012 is the Irish News Review.

First up is the St Patrick’s Day festivities, Dublin since March is not too far away and I have also re-published a piece about a world record breaking space hopper challenge held in Dublin.

The arts component will be a collection of pieces about any artworks, exhibitions and artists that take my fancy. I am also interested in the work of small presses and in artists books so I hope to include pieces in those areas. As in the events section I will also pull together articles and blog pieces previously published elsewhere (duly credited). I would be pleased to receive any suggestions for topics to cover in this section.

Another possibility will be to include illustrated interviews with arts practitioners of various stripes, if I can persuade a couple of willing victims to co-operate.

Now, read on….


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