Monk-ish tech support for reading Luddites (pre ereaders)

Here is a little something book-ish (and tech-ish) as we are nearing the end of the ‘silly season’. You will, from the subject of this posting perhaps get the impression that I have not quite finished my latest book. You may think that, but of course I can’t possibly comment…. *

I hope you enjoyed the sketch. I came across this clip ages ago and recently did a quick YouTube trawl to locate it again. There seem to be different versions of it posted up, but as I have no Norwegian and I cannot assume that you do either, I grabbed an English sub-titled one. It seems especially funny in the light of the increasing move from print books towards ereaders. I for one, would certainly need a help desk to make sense of electronic page turning: I still find that my laptop does things all by itself (apparently).

Anyway, I am off to my beek (sorry, book!). Back soon for another update. I would also love to hear about any more humorous book videos out there (with or without monks).


(uploaded by NRK on 26 February 2007, first broadcast 2001)

Helper: Øystein Backe

Monk: Rune Gokstad

Written by: Knut Nærum


* There’s a bonus point if you can recall which character in which television series spoke those words (in a rather sinister manner I might add).