Landing Eight Update: The Go-Between

Another Landing ‘quick post’: The Go-Between

The Go-Between

The winged messenger

For anyone who has been wondering whether I will ever finish reading the Landing Eight pile, I would like to announce that finally I read The Go-Between, during a Bank Holiday weekend break in Kilkenny.

I will return to the book in another post, but for now suffice to say that I enjoyed sweltering in the heat of summer in 1900 (though I doubt if I would have been socially elevated enough to be invited to play croquet had I really been around at the time). I rather think I would have been considered to be what Marcus so charmingly described as one of the ‘plebs’.

As it is now autumn, almost Halloween in fact, I will leave you with a muse upon the tendency of shops to confuse Halloween with Christmas. I wrote this for Paragraph Planet a couple of years ago and was reminded of it again last week while looking at pumpkins in Marks and Spencer and becoming distracted by a nearby aisle of Christmas decorations. It was all too much…

Christween. No sooner is Halloween cleared away than Christmas is upon us. Though actually for a while the two festivals were running mates. Witches’ coven one side of the shopping centre; Santa’s house taking shape on the other. They could have been neighbourly and exchanged tricks for mince pies. Now alas, there are only rotting pumpkins to rival the tinselly explosion. Jolly Christmas lights and cheer all the way; the spooky darkness has been routed.

And if you have never had a look at Paragraph Planet before, stop by and take a look at what can be done in just 75 words …