An Alternative St Patrick’s Day: A good long walk

In honour of St Patrick’s Day this Sunday, I’m reblogging a piece I wrote last year for Irish News Review, after doing the Harbour2Harbour walk. Since setting myself an Advent Calendar challenge, I’ve tackled the February Month of Letters challenge and a hunting Easter Eggs challenge, so doing the walk again this year will be yet another challenge to tackle. Looks like this year might turn into a year of targets and challenges. No bad thing perhaps…

Irish News Review

This year we finally cracked and said ‘no’ to Dublin’s big St Patrick’s Day parade. We had come close to it last year and debated the idea of doing something different, but in the end, we still found ourselves lining up on Dame St in our accustomed spot. Even so, this year’s change of plan was still very much of a last minute affair. It is always easier to stick with what you know than try a different activity.

 The proposed alternative last year (and the year before that, come to think of it) was tackling the St Patrick’s Day Harbour2Harbour walk. This is held in aid of the charity Aware which helps people suffering from depression (link below). Walkers can start at either Howth or Dún Laoghaire. You can stop at the half way point if you want, having then completed eight miles or go for the total sixteen…

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