Making Elderflower Champagne – and a celebration.

I’m reblogging this piece in honour of my (or rather our) successful batch of Elderflower cordial. This is the second year that we have had a go and we were very pleased with the results. Maybe we’ll hav a bash at champagne next year, who knows!….

Juliet Greenwood

Elderflower 1

My Elderflower Champagne is finally ready

I made it when the elderflowers finally came out, several weeks ago, and today I opened the first bottle – and it fizzed! ItDSC_0023 tasted utterly delicious, just as I remember it from my childhood. Summers, in those days, as well as being long and hot (ahem), were punctuated by the pop of corks from homemade Elderflower Champagne.

I love the scent and the taste, and the magical element of capturing something precious in nature and keeping it for a little longer. It makes me understand all the preserving, drying, bottling and jam-making of my grandmother, and all my grandmothers back as far as anyone could ever possibly remember. It’s the magic of midwinter celebrations, bringing the richness of summer into the darkest and leanest time of the year.

I hadn’t made Elderflower Champagne for a while. I was too busy, or so I…

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2 comments on “Making Elderflower Champagne – and a celebration.

  1. Thank you for the reblog, Chris! I’m still enjoying my champagne and wishing I’d made more. I’m going to try cordial next year – I’ll let you know!


    • Chris Mills says:

      Meant to say this before – we tried making rosehip cordial and jelly last year. Have you ever had a go? A bit fiddly but fun.


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