Dublin’s Newest Open Space: Granby Park

I’ve re-blogged my piece on Granby Park because I think the Upstart project is such a great initiative that I thought I’d give it another plug. With Culture Night coming up on 20th September, it’s worth bearing Granby Park in mind as another cultural stop on the city tour. I’m planning to make a return visit so I’ll probably be posting up another piece about Granby Park at some point.

Irish News Review


On Saturday we took a trip up to Granby Park, the pop-up park built by Upstart on a derelict site on Dominick Street. I had vaguely heard about the plan a while ago but hadn’t realised that it was now open to the public until my other half picked up an advertising flier. After its grand opening, held on 22 August , Granby Park was open for business, hosting a range of events for the whole family until it closes with a concert on 22 September. All of the park’s family friendly amenities and attractions have been built by volunteers and use donated and re-cycled materials.

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