Christmas Decorations on The Landing

This is just a quick post to give you some idea of what The Landing Book Shelves look like at Christmas. This is also just in case some of you doubt that the Landing Shelves really do exist (and not merely in some parallel universe or in my over heated imagination).

Now, as we haven’t finished putting decorations up yet (and having a wet Christmas tree doesn’t help too much in this endeavour) this may not be the final decorative result. Anyway I like to think that the bookshelves won’t be left out of the Christmas spirit; perhaps a bit of tinsel and a sprig or two of holly would be nice. If it stops raining for long enough I will traipse though the mud to the holly hedge at the end of the garden and bring a few sprigs back to adorn the books.

The Landing at Christmas

Christmas Scene

I hope to squeeze in one or two more posts before the end of December but if you want to have a bit of extra Christmassy literary inspiration do look back over some of last year’s Advent Calendar posts. Here’s one of my favourite Advent blog posts to nudge you towards Christmas Eve: Please Put a Penny

Now, where have those fairy lights gone?