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This post hails from far away from The Landing Book ShelvesMombasa in fact. Anna, the daughter of my bookseller friend Natalie is teaching there at the moment and is keeping a blog of her experiences. ‘Books, books, books’ is about the excitement (and perils) of buying a new supply of school books….

Hakuna Matata

Over the last few weeks Michele and I have been frequent visitors to the “Mombasa School Supplies” store in town. We have been purchasing the books that the Swimathon last November raised nearly £6,000 for. Ironically, raising the money was a lot easier than spending it!
Our first challenge was deciding what books to buy. We had to take into consideration the curriculum, and the textbooks that were already in use in the schools. We then asked the headteachers to make a list of books that they required. Funnily enough, Mr Lucas, the class teacher for Standard 6, reckoned that Olives needed about three times the books for standard six than it did for any other standard, and two different textbooks for each subject. So we went back to the drawing board, asked around about what was considered the ‘best’ textbooks for each subject, and finally made our list.

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