A celebration and a giveaway of ‘We That are Left’

I thought I’d re-blog Juliet’s post to contribute to her anniversary celebrations for ‘We That are Left’. If you remember, last year she was kind enough to do a guest post for The Landing about some of the war time recipes that she discovered during her book research. I am forced to confess that I still haven’t tried the poppy seed cake!

Best wishes to Juliet for her continued success…

Juliet Greenwood

WW1 Seed Cake small

It’s a year (given a week or two) since the publication of ‘We That are Left’.

And what a whirlwind of a year it’s been. After all the hard work getting your baby to as near perfection as it can be (to the point where you hate the very sight of the little tyke), it’s always an anxious moment when your darling/little horror goes off into the world to the most uncertain of fates.

I’m not sure what I thought this time last year. Probably because I was so busy between madly doing interviews and getting bookmarks printed and dancing all over the Internet to think at all.

Juliet at launch from Trisha

Thanks to my lovely author friends, the Novelistas http://novelistasink.blogspot.co.uk/, I had a wonderful, stress free and utterly happy launch party – complete with the WW1 poppy seed cake from the recipe in the book.

WTAL at BBC Radio Wales

I certainly had no idea then that the…

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