Interview With Two Editors

As I attended the successful launch of Love on the Road last night, I thought I would re-blog Daniel Seery’s interview with the editors of the collection, Sam Tranum and Lois Kapila. Three of the short story writers attended the launch and read from their stories to whet the appetites of prospective readers.

If I had my Liberties Press hat on at present I would say that this book would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for the short story fan in your life. But as I don’t, just read on and decide for yourselves…

Daniel Seery

Writer, Lane Ashfeldt, describes the book Love on the Road 2015 as ‘Vivid tales of life across the globe that lets you travel while standing still.’ And this isn’t surprising when you look at the two editors behind the book. Their travels have taken them from the US to Calcutta and Kyrgyzstan while Sam has served in the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan with Lois working as a defence investigator in the District of Columbia.

Explorers and scribblers, they clearly have a love for the short story and I was more than delighted to get the chance to interview them for my blog ahead of the launch of their excellent collection this month. I just hope they don’t find too many revisions on this piece after I’ve stuck it up on the blog…


even if you feel like you’ve never done much of the nuts-and-bolts of writing or editing, you…

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