Red Ribbons & The Doll’s House

Red Ribbons & The Doll's House

A Brace of Thrilers

Red Ribbons and The Doll’s House by Louise Phillips, both published by Hachette Ireland. Her bestselling debut novel, Red Ribbons, was shortlisted for Best Irish Crime Novel of the Year (2012) in the Irish Book Awards. The Doll’s House is her second novel.
‘We all think we remember things as they happened, but we don’t. The mind takes shortcuts. Instead of returning to our actual memory, it returns to our last recall of it, and as time passes, more pieces of the original memory slip away and extra layers are added, until it has the potential to be completely obscured,’ says Louise Phillips, author of The Doll’s House.
An overheard conversation about hypnosis led Louise Phillips to base her second novel on the practise of mental regression and the horrifying possibilities it opened up for her narrative. ‘What I loved about the story that developed for The Doll’s House was the idea that through hypnosis you had the ability to return to your past, where a pure memory exists… but your subconscious mind can erect barriers if it needs to protect you.’
As a writer, Louise was intrigued by how hypnosis works and even attempted regression herself. “I foolishly thought it would be plain sailing. Unfortunately, my conscious mind had other ideas, and to an extent I became a victim of the level of research I had done. Sometimes, it’s not a good thing to know too much. After three attempts, I shelved the idea but recently had my first session with a new hypnotist recommended by Keith Barry, so watch this space!”

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