Books are for everyone

As a bookseller my heart sank into my boots every time a customer asked for the ‘boys’ or the ‘girls’ books. I used to do my best to convince people that there’s no such thing; that stories are for everyone but I wasn’t always successful.

Here’s a recent post (re-blogged from the young bookbug in our household) about the campaign to change hearts and minds….


2 comments on “Books are for everyone

  1. I have three year old twins, a boy and a girl, and it is so noticeable how, at every turn, society makes you choose and distinguish. When it comes to books, I will not read them different books. My little girl enjoys reading the tractor books as much as my boy likes fairy tales.


    • Chris Mills says:

      I’ve passed your comment on to my daughter from whose blog I took the post. She was very pleased that your kids are such sensible readers – I’ve always read both ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ books to her when she was small.


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